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Will this be the new home of my blog?

Depending on how easy it is to write here, and also depending on how good it looks, I might make this my new blog instead of my old blogger page. The old blogger page is fine, but it's clunky, and, most importantly, it's dividing my overall traffic. I need to get my act together and get both .com and .ca to point to the same place. So, here we are, with me testing out how well this works, and you probably not actually reading this because even if I choose to make this my real blog from now on, will I leave this post up for posterity? Only time will tell.

Also, I seriously just love that image with all the hard covers lined up. They look so fancy and pretty. I need to redo the hardcover wrap around for Traitor's Hope though, it's a bit of a low budget solution to the problem and I can do better.

Well, so far this has been easy to work with. I wonder how well it displays. I'd better add a single book cover image so I can play with positioning and text wrapping too.

And now? Oh yes, that's some very nice text wrapping. I like that. Hm... Also, that is doing a very good job of displaying an image with a clear background. Cool. Let's see, what else should I test right now? I really don't know. I guess I can test video too, while I'm at it.. Of course I want to fill out this paragraph just for the form of things. I don't want to leave it just hanging here with half a paragraph. Ack I'm wasting perfectly good words by writing here instead of anywhere else. Also, my back is starting to hurt from walking at the treadmill desk. Or rather, it's starting to hurt from me standing up for so long with terrible posture, but now I'm focussing on my posture more and writing anyway and it feels better. This whole thing feels better than hunching over my desk, but it's going to be a long while before my back and neck are strong enough that they don't get tired after an hour of this. Still, I'll take the slow gains and look forward to when I can knock out four hours here with no objections from my body.

Now we'll see how well video embeds here from youtube. If that works well, and then it all displays properly, that probably makes this a hands down better choice for my blog and I should accept that my old blog is an archive and get this blog going instead. I suppose I could eventually copy and paste all my old blogs here too. So they all show up as posts. Especially if this blog will let me back date things. If it lets me back date things I should take the time to move everything here eventually and then I will have it all in one easy to find spot, and maybe I can also draw traffic here. Who knows.



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