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Content Warnings


Editor’s Note - Sarah Chorn


Anthologist’s Note - Virginia McClain

death of both parents, pandemic


Lullaby - K.S. Villoso

classism, infanticide, racism


Skies on Fire - Sonya M. Black

alcohol use, alcoholism, amputation, chronic illness/pain, death of a pet


A Matter of Trust - Angela Boord

bodies/corpses, drinking, guns, sex (not graphic), pregnancy, swearing, violence, weapons, marital cheating, divorce


A Recurrence of Jasmine - Levi Jacobs

death/dying, domestic abuse (emotional), forced captivity, violence


Twice-Domesticated Dragons - Intisar Khanani

death/dying, parent death, gunshot wound, violence (non-gory),
descriptions of warfare, racism


The Witch in the Woods - Quenby Olson

child illness, separation of child and mother 


Thief - Virginia McClain

death of a parent, hospitalization, injury, mild fantasy violence, blood, 

terminal illness

Thicker than Water - Carol A. Park

bullying, torture, forced captivity, serious injury, violence, weapons


Death in the Uncanny Valley - M.L. Wang

death/dying, hospitalization, terminal illness


Summer Souls - Clayton Snyder

death/dying, drinking (recreational), weapons


Reliquary of the Damned - Rachel Emma Shaw

bullying, classism


The Quiet - Madolyn Rogers

battlefield violence (weapons, gore, death, corpses), pregnancy loss/infertility,
depression/suicidal thoughts, child abandonment/sacrifice


The Paperweight Watch - Krystle Matar

mentions of alcoholism and/or binge drinking, bodies/corpses, bones/skull (animal), bones (human), classism, death/dying, mentions of murder, swearing, terminal illness, violence

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